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Online Poker Accomplice Pleaded Guilty

There has been a lot of news revolving the online gambling industry lately, but you might want to get used to it because it doesn’t seem to be going away. Earlier this month one accomplice in the scandal: Ira Rubin pleaded guilty to counts of conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud and participating in a money laundering conspiracy.

According an article I read at Rubin has been living in Costa Rica for the past several years avoiding fraudulent telemarketing charges. Rubin assisted the three main companies in the April 15th indictment: Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker. With this extravagant scandal these companies wired tens of millions of dollars to fake companies while deceiving US banks.

There have been several other arrests and guilty pleas revolving around the situation; including the site’s owners.

There are reports that taxing online poker alone would generate as much as 40 billion dollars in just ten short years. Online gambling is a huge industry, and one that needs government regulation. There are several bills on the table as well as plenty of decisions to be made. In the meantime there are still several sites to play blackjack at. Reviews sites as well as site about how to play blackjack are at your disposal.

The online poker industry may be the only industry in the US actively vying for some government regulation. Regulation and taxing online gambling is the best decision congress could make at the moment, the only thing to do now though is wait and hope for the best.

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