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Casino gamers love blackjack mostly because of the advantage offered they have over the house,
when played to perfection; blackjack is the game you are most likely to win.
If you master the techniques of blackjack, you will find that it is one of the easier games
available for online play.

Choosing Where to Play Blackjack Online
As with any game, before you decide to wager money on blackjack it is a good idea to research
the site at which you’re going to play. Every reputable offers free versions of their games to test.
There are many different varieties, for any type of player.

If you’re a serious blackjack player, like ClubUSA, Winpalace, and other “serious” casino sites
are what you’re looking for. The games at sites like this offer high limit bets, serious competition
from other serious gamers, and no-frills attitudes towards gaming. For the player looking to
have fun, there are sites which don’t even offer play for money. There are many java and flash
versions of gambling-free blackjack available, and these can be found through simple web

Free Blackjack Online
A positive difference, at least for the online gamer, is the ability to find and play free blackjack.
The player has the opportunity to try out skills and strategies without risking their money. The
actual blackjack gambling basics are very similar with the odds, rules of play and variety of
blackjack versions. In fact, since many of the online casinos offer bonuses for joining, the odds
can be made even greater in the player’s favor.

Internet Blackjack Resources
There are many resources online for users looking for info on online blackjack games — which
online blackjack games to play, which online blackjack games to avoid, which casinos might
offer a bonus or club that is highly valuable, etc. Some features of online blackjack to look for
are discussed here.

No Download Blackjack Games Online
Some sites offer blackjack games playable only if you download and install their software. For
myriad reasons, some users don’t want to download and install software just to play their game.
Look for sites featuring “no-download” or “download-free” games — these games are usually
programmed in Java or Flash (two common programming formats compatible with just about
every computer) and are therefore less “complex” visually, offering less in the way of flashy
game play.

Online Casino Signup Bonuses
Online casinos often offer bonuses for new players on their first deposit. This basically amounts
to free money, though the larger bonuses are being parceled out in small amounts these days, and
players would be foolish to overlook these opportunities.

Online Blackjack Software
There are a number of companies providing the software for online casinos. Users have debated
for years which company is the “best” software provider. It is best to test different companies
and decide which you like the best. Once you know what software you like, it is easy to find
online casinos who offer their games.

Blackjack Tournaments Online
Just like poker, blackjack tournaments are available online. These tournaments are known
for their great value. Smart players who use just a little bit of strategy (easily learned for free
online, by the way) can edge out the average gamer. There are other components of tournament
blackjack play that are easily taken advantage of — where you sit at the tournament table is
important, as is your doubling frequency, etc. There is more wiggle room for skilled players in
blackjack than in other games, and a player with just a little training can really clean up.